a Webinar template for Startups

Webinars are sometimes not used because it seems daunting. This is mainly due to having no real worked-out presentation. A good “sales pitch” is usually an afterthought when starting a Company. Many rely on the fatally flawed idea that building a better mouse-trap will have people beating a path to your door.

“If he’s as good a salesman as he claims he’ll sell it” – the thinking usually goes. Heaven forbid the ‘new app’ just isn’t what people want to buy!

Very often a new Tech Start-up will have an engineer, or genius-inventor at the head of the Company and all the “bleeding edge” software & gadgets available for engineering. Yet the Sales & Marketing gets the most mundane, run-of-the-mill, direction, management & tools. Entirely lacking in both creativity and the sound marketing principles. Yes, there are such things as fundamental principles in Marketing (for a good primer on the subject read: David Ogilvy & Claude Hopkins. For the uninitiated this is “direct-response” style marketing.)

Thus sales receives not even 30% of the attention it deserves. And when it does receive attention, it is mostly focussed on “closing the deal”.

But ‘closing’ is the LAST step in marketing! Focusing on that, when there is no actual sales-path is tantamount to buying lottery tickets.

Below is an outline and template to help you devise your marketing presentation / sales pitch / webinar / … To close the listener(s) on signing-up for your product or service you must move them through several stages – and it must be a journey that is interesting enough to keep their attention riveted long enough for you to show how it will benefit the prospect.

If you’re not a natural-born sales-person, or story-teller, this outline will serve you as a good outline for what to say, and in what sequence.

  1. Introduce the Benefits of What You’re Going to Speak About

Describe the benefits of what the people in your audience are going to receive from paying very close attention to your presentation. Example: “In the next 25 minutes I’m going to show you a one-two-three, step by step strategy to dramatically increase your sales without cold-calling-grunt-work and putting more money in your pocket in the next three months guaranteed. And I can make an almost certain bet that nobody is using all of these strategies exactly as I will describe them to you, but everyone could be.”

  1. Identify the Core Problem and Who this Presentation is for

Make clear exactly who the presentation is for and that you will address a core problem (one that you can solve) that they face. Name specific professions and types of people. Example: “So if you’re a CTO, if you’re a professional services provider such as a sys-admin, a QA manager, if you own a Tech business, if you are an R&D manager, and you want to halve your server costs, and double the speed in the next 12 months, this information is vital for you to hear.”

  1. Address the Audience’s Skepticism

Address a major piece of skepticism that your audience will have right up front. They are skeptical. Don’t try to run away from that fact. Face it head-on, right from the start.

  1. Tell YOUR Story

Tell YOUR story in a way that enables the audience to relate to you and know you better. Your story should include:

  • Struggle
  • Crossroads
  • Decision
  • Solution
  • Transformation
  1. Conduct the “Teaching Segment” of the Webinar

Give them the core advice promised:

  • Tell people WHAT to do, but not HOW to do it
  • Give people useful but incomplete information
  • Break it down into three (or maximum five) major parts
  1. Make a “Damaging Admission”

If everything about you is perfect, people won’t believe you. Making a “damaging admission” about yourself or your product helps overcome this barrier. One way is to explain who this program is NOT for…

Example: “This is not for you if you believe that you can just sit in the corner and meditate, or play X-Box and the solution will just manifest for you. This is not for you if you believe it will succeed without doing any work. And quite frankly, this is not for you if this is going to take food off of your table or cause you tremendous financial hardship. We don’t want you to get it.”

  1. Describe Your Offer and Ask For the Sale

Detail what’s in your offer:

  • Features and Benefits
  • Describe the Bonuses
  • Explain the Guarantee that you provide (if you don’t provide a guarantee, start now)
  • State the Pricing
  • Add Scarcity (“there are only 20 packages”, “we only take on X-amount new Enterprise clients each year so as to provide excellent support and maintain our good name “, …)
  • Tell Them What To Do! (literally: click the ‘Buy Now/Call Now/Deploy Now/…’ button”
  1. Re-cap the Transformation

Summarize the major Transformation they will get by buying NOW!

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