improving Traffic Quality

Rocket Fuel’s webinar about traffic quality, covering four types of suspect traffic: ‘ad-stacking’; bots & botnets; toolbars and impression laundering systems. It includes an introduction to their new Traffic Scanner

To test your traffic quality you can use their free pixel and view the results in the dashboard. As RocketFuel is an agency, also known as “X+1”, they obviously have a vested interest in tracking your traffic too. They will most likely categorize your site and match your traffic sources. So possibly this could be a conflict of interest for some advertisers.

If you’re swimming in highly competitive markets this is probably not the tool for you. Check your similarweb, or WRW if you’re worried, but don’t ignore the value of their tool entirely, because it even runs on Mobile web, not just desktop.

There are some other free tools to detect bot traffic but they are no match for sophisticated bots taht I’ve encountered on some of the second-tier ad-exchanges. Advanced solutions can easily become very expensive. And in all fairness, the subject is not an easy one to fix.

TrafficScanner currently supports U.S., Canada, and UK.

Be warned: the video and slides are really out-of-sync, but the content is very worthwhile. Here is the deck on SlideShare

Let me know if you have any success with it.

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