Ad Network questions

Important points to cover when interviewing a new traffic source

  • Do you have direct publishers or do you work with exchanges?
  • Are you a blind NW?
  • Is it self-serve or a managed platform?
  • Can you pass the Pub ID in the URL?
  • Can we cut non-performing PUBs? (ie: can we optimise?)
  • How many impressions per country do you have available daily?

Further Questions

  • What is a competitive CPC/CPM in each country?
  • What is a competitive CTR (click through rate) in each country?
  • What is the Telecom operator breakdown by country?
  • What percentage of traffic per country is Wifi on average? (usually over 80%)
  • What are your targeting options?
  • Can we target by carrier, manufacturer, handset?
  • Do you offer frequency capping?
  • What is a competitive budget?
  • Do you have a refund policy?
  • What is your minimum buy / initial deposit?
  • What types of creatives do you have available? Banner sizes? Images and/or text?
  • Do you offer day parting?
  • What funding source(s) do you accept?
  • What is your policy on click fraud? Do you have one?
  • What percentage of your traffic is from apps/mobile web?
  • What are some of your top publishers?

If the NW is a fully-managed service:

  • Do you have experience in … niche?
  • What similar advertisers have you managed in this niche?
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