AppNexus optimiser

I was recently made aware of an optimisation feature inside AppNexus, entitled: “Optimise to a predicted CPC goal”. I have yet to try it for my own campaigns, but from all reports it works quite well.

What it does is help you find placements that can get you a click for a CPC that you want, while paying CPM! Example: you’d like to get clicks at $0.25. You set aside a budget for AppNexus to try and get you those clicks - at a CPM rate that you set.

This feature works best when you are targeting a sizable audience. So, using it in the US makes it work very nicely. If targeting a country/geo with a smaller population then it may take too long to actually learn anything. So , you would have to increase the budget allocated to learning to speed up the process and actually get some results.

Get CPC rates, while paying CPM

To use, set the following:

1. set a daily budget
2. check: “Buy Third-Party inventory”
3. check “pay on a CPM basis”
4. from the dropdown select “Optimise to a predicted CPC goal”
5. set a Campaign budget, eg “Media Cost” $2000
6. set a daily “learning cap”

What is a “daily learning cap”?

It’s the amount you set aside for the optimisation algorithm to calculate & test. It will attempt to find placements/sites that can get you a CPC that you want to get.

So, even though you’re still bidding on a CPM rate, you effectively pay CPC. Pretty snazzy tool.

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